That One Time In France…

Bonjour mes amis!  I know it’s not Thursday but I have to post SOMETHING before I enter the show hole after the Season 3 finale of the CW’s Reign last night!


Reign is currently my favorite show (besides The Bachelor(ette)) and last night’s season finale killed me almost as much as the amount of characters they killed off. #RIPLola

Screenshot (5)
Respectfully posted from @dormersreign on Twitter

It USED to be all about Mary, Queen of Scots’ time in French court, but boy oh boy have they changed that storyline.  Now we are dealing with Mary going back to Scotland after a life in French Court, the emotionally unstable Queen Elizabeth of England, and the true queen of my life, Catherine de Medici becoming the Queen Regent of France.


(Notice the red and gold color scheme I chose for these photos? I spent 20 minutes on google images picking them out…..#psycho)

So here’s a throwback to when I achieved ultimate fangirl/tourist/crazy status when pre-Euro Tour I researched the heck out of the real Queen Catherine, dragged my #ExperienceEurope2015 Squad to La Basilique de Saint-Denis on a festival day where entry was GRATUIT (free!) to see the tombs and memorials of some of the most famous monarchs in French history, pulled Rachel down into the Bourbon crypt to see Marie-Antoinette (my middle school French class namesake), and proceeded to search the walls of engraved royalty until I found her- Catherine de Medicis- Femme du Roi France.


Obviously being a hardcore Anne of Green Gables fan, I had loved Megan Follows’ portrayal of her on Reign, but seeing her name on the wall along with her tomb made me realize that she wasn’t just a character on my favorite show.  She was a real queen, a real person!  How I would love to live in her world for a day.  Amazing, amazing experience.


For those of you who follow me on Snapchat (zazzlepop95 on there too!), don’t think that my clips of Queen Catherine paired with a YASSSSS QUEEN CATHERINE SLAYYY caption are gonna stop just because the season is over.  #sorrynotsorry #WWMFD #WhatWouldMeganFollowsDo

“It’s her… She’s here…” -Me to Rachel

Thanks for reading!  Here’s some of my favorite #QueenC memes I found on the internet!

cathy meme3cathy meme20201CathyMeme01



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