I Think The Speaker Was Talking To Me

My cat is sitting on me as I type this.  But I have to share this crazy amazing night I just had with you guys.

Tonight I went to our stake Women’s Conference.  Begrudgingly- because after the crazy day at work I just had I just wanted to sleep.

The speaker happened to be Sister Eleanor Lyon, who my family knew in the Walnut Creek 2nd Ward when I was little.  I remember thinking she was really pretty when I was little and she looks the same today.

But because of my poor attitude coming to this I didn’t pay much attention to the opening remarks.  I was looking around at everyone from the back and felt very small and lame.  I don’t know why it’s starting to get hard for me to talk to people but it is, and I started comparing myself to the women in the room and feeling really anxious.  I kept thinking how my hair didn’t look cute because I had just come home from a long busy day at work and maybe my dress wasn’t cute enough.

I happened to look back up to her in the exact moment she said, “For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” and looked in my direction in the back of the chapel.

Wait-what?  Did she just say that to ME?  Oh man she just said it AGAIN!  I think this message really is for me!  She said it twice!

After that I felt so much more at peace, and I re-learned what I already knew to be true: that I really, really need to stop comparing myself to others, because Heavenly Father only cares about what’s on the inside.

I was hooked from that moment on.  She shared a lot of very personal, profound, and touching lessons and trials she’s endured over the years.  Looking around there were rows and rows of misty-eyed women.  Her message spoke volumes to me and everyone in that room.

She spoke of staying close and staying connected.  That if you stay close to the Lord, He will support you no matter what decision you make.

I mean I’ve been making some crazy important decisions the last few years and I’m constantly torn between what I want and what I think the Lord wants.  I just want to make the right choice!

But what I learned from this is that maybe it doesn’t matter all that much what I choose, because if I can let the Lord in more, maybe I can let myself be guided a little better to the right choice.

“All things shall work together for your good.”

Sister Adams, Sister Lyon, Sister Hoopes, and me.  I knew these ladies when I was little in the Walnut Creek 2nd Ward and they are still as fabulous as I remember!

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