Priesthood Blessings: The New Vitameatavegamin!

Hello friends!  I’m your Vitameatavegamin Girl!

Jk, I’m not.  Lucy is.

Fun fact, I have this actual tin poster of Lucy hanging in my room, and it really never ceases to make me smile after all this time.  Always. (RIP Alan Rickman)

The premise of this particular episode of I Love Lucy is that Lucy gets an opportunity to do a commercial selling this “health tonic” where she says a few of her lines and then has to taste a spoonful of it.  It’s so tasty too!  Just like candy!

She winds up having to do a bunch of practice runs before they do a real take, and because it contains 23% alcohol and she gets really drunk and loopy for the official take!

It’s really hilarious and you can watch one of the most famous clips here:


This week was not so great, with almost passing out during the morning huddle at work then being home sick with the flu for the rest of the week, I can tell you I share Lucy’s disdain for our tasty modern medicines. (I’m looking at you, Robitussin.  Jk, you make me feel like daaaancinggg.  That stuff works peeps.)

I’ve been on a variety of meds this week LET ME TELL YA it’s been real….

But one thing that helped the most when my entire body ached and my temperature was 102.6 and I felt like I couldn’t survive the night wasn’t actual meds.  (shocking, I know.  I do love my pills.)

It was a priesthood blessing.

It got to the point where my body hurt so bad I just wanted the pain to go away so I could sleep so I asked my dad for a blessing, hoping that maybe I might feel even 10% better.

Sometimes I worry about asking for blessings because it feels like a last-ditch effort for peace, when in reality it should be the first thing we turn to.  Other times I worry about getting a priesthood blessing and maybe nothing happens because I don’t have enough faith.

But I asked my dad, and when the first person he called to help didn’t answer, I told him he could call Bro Kruse who is the husband of my friend Kimmie K (and the 3rd wheel to our theater dates).

How grateful I am for him and my dad for being worthy and prepared to give me this blessing.  Because by the time I woke up in the morning my body had stopped aching and my temperature had gone down. #gospelisTRUE

Sometimes I forget what healing can come from the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s love.  But even when I do, I can know that I can always come back, it is there for me, and you, and your cow, and Zac Efron, too.

To quote President Monson,

I’m gonna go try to shake this nasty cold now.  Seriously, it’s gone from my throat, to my nose, to my ears, back to my throat, and now all 3 simultaneously AND I HAvn’T sLEPt in 2 DaYS….

#BottumsUp to my cough syrup.


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