Experience Europe 2015: LONDON

Day 1?

I’m currently sitting on the plane to LONDON!  I’ve been flying since 10 am CA time, and right now it’s 3:06 am there ha.  This plane is HUGE!  So many people!  AND they gave us so much free stuff!  Honestly if this was my whole trip to ride on this cool plane I’d be happy.  BUT NOPE- it gets better!

Also I watched Sleepless in Seattle before they gave us DINNER which was a mini salad, tortellinis, pretzel roll, brownie, and a cheese square (which I valiantly restrained myself from eating because #lactoseprobs).  Then I slept for 2 hours.  THEN I conquered my fear of using the airplane bathroom (because this flight is 7.5 hours) but it was scary and hopefully I won’t have to do it ever again.

K we’re gonna land in like 30 mins AHHHHH!  Also the Atlantic Ocean is huge.  It’s like 5 hours long.  Now I’m watching Parks and Recreation!  Cheerio!

Day 1? Continued

I felt sooo sick during the plane’s descent, and then of course we get on a big tour bus!  I felt sick the entire way to the temple.  #LAME

The temple grounds are so quaint and beautiful, the housing on the grounds look like cottages.  When we went to the temple there was this hilarious temple worker but it was so cold and they forgot about a handful of us in the waiting room and it was 16’C whatever that means and it was so cold!  We huddled under all the couch pillows!  But the font room had the most gorgeous chandelier!

DSC01265 DSC01266

DSC01275 DSC01271

Then our leaders had some sandwich food and snacks for us at 8 pm.  We passed out when we went to bed, but then I woke up and thought it was 6 am but really it was 3 am!  What the what?

Day 2

Today we took 3 HOURS in traffic to get to the British Library and Leah and I got carsick SO BAD!  But then Sarah gave us some Bonine(?) and it eventually helped.  And she also gave us Jolly Ranchers!  THANK YOU SARAH!

We went into a huge artifact room in the British Museum and we saw things like Mozart and Beethoven’s manuscripts, Jane Austen’s writing desk, Robert Tyndale’s translation of the Bible, the Magna Carta…no big deal… 🙂


I also saw a letter on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I ordering strict house arrest for Mary Queen of Scots aka her cousin!  And I was so excited because Season 3 of Reign airs this month and they’re bringing in Queen Elizabeth!  Watch out Mary!


Then we went to Find My Past which is a family history company and we as Mormons get a free subscription!  Woo genealogy!

Then Paul at All Saints Church (note: we were all very sleepy and unfortunately aside from the pictures I do not remember this part)

DSC01140 DSC01136

BBC Tour- SO COOL!  We saw the real TARDIS from Dr Who!


Dinner- walked around streets to find something, card still didn’t work but we got food at a French bakery!  Thanks Leah for buying me a croissant!

Walked to Church of England


Day 3

Today I prepared and took Dramamine with ample time to spare!  We drove an hour to Leavesdon to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios!  We saw them building a couple new sets on the lot to the left, and the 2 lots where the tour was were called J and K 😉

DSC01164 DSC01165

The tour was #PHENOM!  I can’t explain it.  Just look at the pictures.  Also I tried butterbeer for the first time!  SO GOOD!  Of course I just love soda anyway.

DSC01166 DSC01202

DSC01209 DSC01233

DSC01235 DSC01239

DSC01246 DSC01247

DSC01248 DSC01260

That’s about all, we went to the temple again and I told the sister missionaries to say hi to Maddie!  Also I cant stop saying “CHEE-AHS!” and “YEH!” like and Aussie.

Day 4


  • Took the tube to London! DSC01286
  • Toured Westminster Abbey!  Saw Mary Queen of Scots grave! DSC01306
  • Tower of London- which is not actually a tower- where Elizabeth imprisoned Mary for 19 years! DSC01315
  • Saw the Crown Jewels! – #blang DSC01317
  • Tower Bridge- it’s not the London Bridge haha DSC01320
  • Took the tube to Leicester Square to buy Wicked tickets! DSC01325
  • Had fish n chips at a pub
  • Buckingham Palace! DSC01347 DSC01353
  • Got treats at Victoria Station
  • Took pix in front of Apollo Victoria theatre!  A DREAM! DSC01378 DSC01382
  • WICKED!!!!!! DSC01386 DSC01389DSC01396
  • On the tube back spoke French for the first time with some real francophiles and they said I spoke it very well and when they got off I totally started crying- THANK YOU GIFT OF TONGUES!

Love my London roomies- Rachel, Coral, Shandl, Taylor, and Hannah! ❤

Day 5

Today was Sunday and we went to church in the East Grinstead Ward- we filled up the whole overfow seating!  They were having testimony meeting and a couple thoughts that were shared that I liked were:

“An empty temple is like an empty heaven.  And how sad is it to have an empty heaven here on Earth?”

“The Lord rewards us for bravery.”

This one was shared by a woman originally from Rigby, Idaho who went to BYUI!  And she’s been living in the UK for 10 years.  She said that she wound up here because she went on a trip to Europe with BYUI and something about this place just clicked for her and she fell in love with everything.  She talked about how the Lord wants us to be strong always, and that He wants us to have courage and make brave decisions.

I know that because I have the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves me always, I can do hard things (even though sometimes I forget that He’s always there for me).  I’m grateful for the reminder that I should be brave on this trip, and I think I have because I was most worried about not making friends, but we ALL were best buds by Day 2.  Which made the trip from UK ~ Calais FR ~ Belgium ~ Amsterdam a whole lot better.  #getmeoffthebus


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